Traditional metal, clear ceramics, fun colours, you pick!

Braces are like handles for moving teeth. They are painlessly placed on each tooth, and once on, stay for the duration of your treatment.

At our clinic, we prefer to use smaller, more discrete Damon braces in combination with flexible, soft wires to gently move your teeth into their best position.

You see us every 6-8weeks, each visit your orthodontist adjusts your braces getting you one step closer to that dream smile.

Take care of your braces, brush your teeth and we take care of the rest!


Metal or Ceramic braces? Or perhaps, something more discrete?


Do I need Teeth removed?

Possibly the most common question we get

Your Orthodontists are also dentists, and they hate the idea of taking out perfectly good teeth.

But, sometimes there are no other ways!

The most common reason why we might suggest to have teeth removed is because there are far too many teeth, or  teeth are too large to fit in a smaller mouth. Widening the jaw to fit these teeth can sometimes lead to very unsightly appearance of a mouth of teeth, like a denture! AND you’ll be unable to close your lips because your teeth are protruding so far forward. 

Sometimes we also remove teeth that are decayed or malformed, and then orthodontically close the gaps recreate a healthier mouth.

So, in short, we intend to preserve and maintain your jawbone support and work around the existing bone support to arrange the teeth in a healthy, stable position.