Early Intervention Treatment

A mouthful to say, but sometimes little mouths with lots of big teeth needs our help! 

Children develop and change so quickly, and so do their teeth and jaws! Sometimes, the crowding or funny bite is completely normal and will self-resolve! Sometimes, your child might need a little assistance.

If things aren't looking quite right, maybe you child's a thumb sucker or perhaps you see an underbite, come see our Specialist Orthodontists. 


A comprehensive assessment of your child's growth, bite, teeth (those in the mouth and those still in the gums), and airways will be done! Your orthodontist will provide you with information regarding the current and future teeth and jaw development, and when best to treat to give you complete peace of mind.


The Twin Block appliance

Often worn to maximize the growth potential of the lower jaw

An easy technique that incorporates the use of upper and lower bite blocks to reposition the lower jaw forward for correction deep bites and a retrusive lower jaw/teeth. Worn Full time for 8-12months.

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Some of the common bite issues that may require earlier treatment

For a narrow upper jaws

Slowly widens the upper jaw to fit the lower jaw, fit the teeth in and give a more comfortable bite

For a retrusive upper jaw

Sometimes, the upper and lower jaws grow at different rates. If the top jaw lags behind, the top teeth are often behind the lower teeth resulting in an "underbite."

For those with their thumbs always in their mouths

Thumb sucking is completely normal with during the early years of life. Infact, we think it's rather adorable. But, if continued beyond 5 or 6years old, the thumb in the mouth displaces the adult teeth and leads to funny open bites at the front.

If this sounds familiar, we can help