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Parts of your braces

Braces are complicated, each little part has their own names.

Here are the most common bits and pieces to your braces, this will help you understand what your orthodontist may be referring to, and for you communicate more clearly with our team

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Looking after your braces

To make sure your treatment stays on track, we ask you to look after your new braces. The braces needs to stay firmly on your teeth so that our wires can move them as efficiently as possible.

Cleaning Teeth and Braces

Keeping your teeth and your braces clean is EXTREMELY Important. If you leave yesterday's lunch on your braces and last week's toast on your teeth, it often leads to bad breathe, puffy bleeding gums and chalky white scars on your teeth! These seriously detract from the beauty of your smile!

We recommend you spend 2minutes brushing your teeth and your braces. Twice a day, morning and night. Also take a little travel toothbrush for a quick scrub after meals during the day!

Electric Toothbrush or Manual?  To be honest, which ever one you enjoy using more! They all do the same job.


Interdental Brushes

You probably found one of these little spiral brushes in your Care-pack after you got your braces on and like most people, have no clue what to do with it!

Think of it as a small brush for those hard to reach places to get all the pesky bits of food out from your teeth.

Rinse your interdental brush with water and leave out to dry. It can be reused until the brush loses shape, and can be easily re-purchased at all major supermarkets, chemists and also from our clinics.


Orthodontic Wax

For those sharp, pokey bits

If a certain part of your braces is irritating your cheeks, or tongue. Dry the area with a tissue, break a small piece of wax off and warm it between your fingers. Then press the wax onto the offending part of the brace for temporary relief.

Warm, salty water mouth rinses will help any ulcers heal up real quick!  Bonjela from the chemist is great for soothing sore spots in the mouth. If it hasn't gone away in a few days, give us a call!


Loose Bracket?

Not to worry! If it's not bothering you, you can leave it until your next appointment. We will replace the bracket for you.  

If it's uncomfortable, place wax over the bracket and give us a call if still annoying you!