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What are examples of orthodontic problems?

  • Protrusion of upper front teeth

  • Overlapped or crowded teeth

  • Lack of spacing between baby teeth

  • Missing teeth

  • Thumb or finger sucking

  • Poor facial profile

  • Crossbite

  • Underbite

  • Overbite

  • Open bite

What are the benefits of orthodontic treatment?

  • Well-positioned teeth and gums are easier to clean and look after

  • Correction of the bite can improve chewing and speech. Reduces future wear of the teeth and the stress on the supporting bone and jaw joints

  • Well functioning teeth can also improve a person's self-image

  • Lastly, you have a smile that you're proud to show off!

When do you need to see an orthodontist?

  • It is recommended by the Australian Society of Orthodontists, that age 7-9 is an appropriate time for a child's first visit to a specialist orthodontists

  • There's no age limit for orthodontic treatment.  Many of our patients are adults being treated with more aesthetic, invisible options.

Why is early treatment sometimes needed?

  • Early diagnosis and treatment planning may help guide tooth eruption and facial growth, and prevent more serious problems in the future.

  • By reducing the problems during the early stages of your child's dental development, later orthodontic treatment is often less complex

Teeth and Self -esteem?

Research shows that the mouth and face are focal points of communication and social interaction.

An attractive facial appearance and smile can improve the quality of life.

Your Specialist Orthodontist considers all factors of facial and dental appearance in planning individual treatment requirements

How long does treatment take?

Every orthodontic problem is different.

In general, full comprehensive treatment is approximately 18-24months. Treatment involving more severe skeletal mismatches can take longer.

We offer short term orthodontic treatment for those just wanting to tidy up the front teeth or wish to address orthodontic relapse.

Why is facial growth an important consideration?

Most of the development of the face and mouth occurs during the growth spurt at puberty.

For patients with certain jaw growth imbalances, treatment during this period may favourably influence the facial profile in a growing child. 

In jaws where the growth has ceased, treatment with braces is more limited. Sometimes surgery may be necessary to correct more severe jaw size discrepancies.

Why is Orthodontics a Speciality?

Crowding and overlapped teeth are often the tip of the iceberg.

Many orthodontic problems are quite complex involving the growth patterns of facial bones and soft tissue facial profiles, as well as malaligned teeth. 

Treatment of such problems requires the care of an Orthodontist with in-depth, 3 years full-time additional specialist training.

Both our Orthodontists are registered specialist orthodontist with the Victorian Dental Board, and are full members of the Australian Society of Orthodontics


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