Twin Block

Twin Blocks are simple plates worn 24hours a day. It has 2 components, an upper and a lower plate which work togeter to posture the lower jaw forward. 

The upper plate often has an expansion screw to widen the upper arch. By biting the blocks together; the muscles, bone and teeth are encouraged to adapt into an improed position, helping to correct teeth and jaw discrepancies. 

When inserting the plates into your mouth, first position them on your teeth and then firmly press the appliance into place using your thumbs. Never position them with your tongue or bite into place. 

When removing the plates, ease the appliance off from each side. Do not flip the appliance off your teeth with your tongue as this will result in breakages. 

The plates must be worn together to be effective! 

How to turn the expansion screw 

When instructed, turn the expansion screw in the direction of the yellow arrow until your Orthodontist advises you to stop turning. 

Wear Time

The more you year it the quicker you'll finish your treatment! Twin Blocks are often worn for 9-12months to achieve full effects. 


We ask that you wear it full time including meal times, only removing your twin block during tooth brushing, contact sports and swimming.

We suggest starting with a soft, easy to chew diet when you first receive your twin block to help you become accustomed to eating with your twin block.

Twin block friendly food includes yoghurt, banana, soups, soft pasta, fish, mash, rice and stew. 

Once you have adapted to your plates, you should be able to eat normal foods again.




Take your twin block out during brushing time. Brush your teeth normally, and floss. Then use your toothbrush, and water to scrub the fitting surface of your twin-block and especially the expansion screw.


Make sure all bits of food is removed before you place the twinblock back into your mouth! If you do not have access to toothbrush and toothpaste, please still rinse your mouth out with water after meals. 

After wearing it for many months, to freshen it up, you can soak it for 30min in mouthwash, denture-cleansing tablets or baking soda and water.

Misplaced your twin block?

Let us know ASAP!

If you have the other half, wear that while you wait for your appointment.

If you have just started treatment, we will likely need to take a new mould and give you a new one.


If you have been wearing your twin block for a long time now, we can sometimes transition you straight to braces


Your mouth will be changing rapidly during your twin- block treatment. As such, we suggest a re-mouldable mouthguard to wear during contact sports. 

We can provide one for a small fee and offer re-moulding services, alternatively "Shock-Doctor" makes great braces, and twin-block friendly mouthguards.

After your orthodontic treatment is complete, we recommend you get a custom made mouthguard from your dentist