Your Finanical Investment

Cost and Payment plan options

Orthodontic treatment is a form of permanent, medical treatment and is an investment for you or your child’s future.


To ensure we deliver the best results, we only use premium products in our offices. We comply with infection control regulations set by the National Dental Board of Australia, and proud to provide a safe workplace for our staff.


It may surprise you that despite these, we keep our fees extremely competitive.


During your first appointment with us, we will provide an all-inclusive fee with unlimited treatment visits and covering all appliances. Basically EVERYTHING for the entirety of your treatment with us, including retainers and reviews after your orthodontic treatment is complete for an additional two years.

The balance can be paid in full. Alternatively, with an no-interest monthly, or quarterly payment plan.

A small deposit is required to start treatment.


 We offer onsite Health Insurance Claiming through our Hicaps System for your convenience and can assist with treatment Item codes for you to check your health insurance coverage.